Turn Up the Volume

I was watching the 82nd Annual Oscars this past Sunday and this Diet Coke commercial came on with “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap playing in the background.  The melody of the guitar strings intro was familiar to my ears and I recalled hearing this song in 500 Days of Summer in the scene where Summer and Tom was taking the railroad in the sunset.  No need for dialogues, just a montage of beautiful scenery and replace the muteness with a sweet sound of The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition” and I am in love.  Not necessarily with Diet Coke but with how nicely the 60 seconds commercial is put together.  Montage of high profile occupations as a fashion designer, film director to an artist, each experiencing bliss in what they do for a living and drinking Diet Coke.  The commercial ends with the message ‘Stay Extraordinary’  and it delivers the message in a glamorous sense.  The commercial itself nor is the beverage is  extraordinary but the song really enhances the product just like how every ingredients are important components to enhance a dish.

Another food- related commercial song I like is Absolut Vodka “Ceremony” by New Order

Website is marvelous too. Check it out!

Last but not least Frito Lays line of chips has won my heart again.  Sunchips “So Much More” by Mark Robbillard

The message in going-green and bringing the awareness to consumers about compost and recycle is important to our Earth done beautifully.


Julie Launches Food Blog: iLuvPotato!

In 2007,  I thought I had an original idea that no one has done before and that was to start an online writing column on food.  Silly me, the idea of  “Food Blog” the blogger community refers as existed already long before.  

Two years later I still contemplate on launching a food blog of my own.  Now in a recession with a tight budget and with a desire to follow my male ancestral to become a chef and with all the spare time with random thoughts, I figure why not put the excess time into eating, cooking, and writing.  Let the eating begin!

iLuvPotato was my very first online journal non-related to food domain in my high school days.  Whether baked, boiled, fried, mashed, the versatile vegetable is the love of my life.  Potato chips is a universal snack.  Carnivores, vegetarians, children, elderly, and whatever your nationality is the common snack we all admit we do surreptitiously crawl our hands into a bag of joy alike.  

This leads to Lay’s potato chips recent campaign.  I absolutely adore the 30 seconds t.v commercial:  


Lay’s campaign emphasizes the organic trend of eating habits without labeling “organic” on their packaging in a fun way.  The small noticeable touches such as the bowl over a grown man’s head as it rains potato chips or the little boy with one hand eating the potato chips and the other with his bowl collecting more potato chips hits the core of the heart moment.  The commercial nails the purpose of Lay’s focus on fresh grown crops to ingredients to makes it chips but more importantly in how a bowl or a bag of Lay’s potato chips can bring a community together for a potato firework event gathering.  It entices your appetite in wanting to eat potato chips, so please excuse me while I get myself a bag of  Long Island Kettled potato chips I bought last week.

Watch Anthony Bourdain No Reservation Philippines Tonight @ 10pm on the Travel Channel.  (Featuring my sister’s friend’s husband the followup winner in the contest of why Anthony Bourdain should eat in your country)