Rooftop Farms: More than a Tree Grows in Brooklyn

kindergarten ’91, my first visit to a farm: Greenmeadow Farm No need for molecular gastronomy.  The key to good cooking is to have seasonal fresh ingredients and many chefs are serving diners with the farm to table dining experience.  A few are legendary Alice Water Chez Panisse located in Berkeley California, Annemarie Ahearn Salt WaterContinue reading “Rooftop Farms: More than a Tree Grows in Brooklyn”

XV Slideluck Potshow

Fiddlehead Fern Salad I encountered the most unusual vegetable over the weekend and coincidentally at it’s seasonal peak, Fiddlehead Ferns. The shape is exotic.  It curls into a coil or what looked like at its first glance a green snail.  I had my first Fiddlehead Fern served with freshly earthy mixed leafy greens salad atContinue reading “XV Slideluck Potshow”