Hungover from Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes  from Clinton Street Bakery – start to somewhat finished February 19th, 2010 “February is Pancake Month!”  At Clinton Street Bakery that is.  Clinton Street Bakery is celebrating all month long this February in this official national Pancake week (February 14th -20th, 2010).  Whoever comes up with food holidays are a genius!  It encouragesContinue reading “Hungover from Pancakes”

Year of the Iron Tiger 2010

For Chinese New Year, Jesse made  Pork + Chives Steamed Dumplings (Pictured Left).  Woo who! Dumplings are eaten year round and are fairly easy and fun to make or even conveniently purchase these days for only $1 for 5 in Chinatown.  Dumplings,  shaped as the golden ingot ancient China currency, traditionally eaten in Northern ChinaContinue reading “Year of the Iron Tiger 2010”

As Sweet As Life Gets

NYC Restaurant Week (January 25th-February 7th, 2010) Rouge Tomate. The last two weeks (January 25 – February 6th) has been quite a roller coaster ride.  So much has happened it is mind boggling.  Within the two weeks, we celebrated my brother Jimmy’s birthday at Rouge Tomate, a participating restaurant during NYC Restaurant week and threeContinue reading “As Sweet As Life Gets”