2014 Year in Review

photos taken with instagram @iluvpotato “Nothing is achieved without effort.” 2014 has been a milestone. It was not easy, starting the year and on my birthday being unemployed. But it was an opportunity to take the time to rejuvenate, rethink, and rediscover the city I grew up in and reviewing my personal goals. A transitionContinue reading “2014 Year in Review”

Ippudo, At Last

Ippudo Shiromaru Hakata Classic Who said third times the charm?   My fifth and final attempt at Ippudo, Japanese Ramen restaurant on the East Village called success! I have been wanting to try Ippudo for the longest and the wait would always be outrageously long during evening hours.  The strategy to getting a table atContinue reading “Ippudo, At Last”

Metro Asian Food Magazine: Food Spy for a Day

                Metro Asian Food Photographer taking a photo on one of the four food spy at Ichi Sushi  I have recently been selected to be a food critic for an Asian food publication called Metro Asian Food.  The publication is in complete Chinese writing and covers the local Asian CuisinesContinue reading “Metro Asian Food Magazine: Food Spy for a Day”


APRIL 9, 2009 Rai Rai Ken /// shio ramen A bowl of ramen and two hours long conversation with friends accompanied with ice cream is more than essential but therapeutic for a mediocre work week.  Jane and I have been i-chatting up a drool fest. in the course of the past two weeks during ourContinue reading “10003”