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Sorry Joe, I am in Love with Kaffe 1668



Last Thursday was the closing party of my friend Hiroko Shono solo show “Big Up” (May 7 to June 10) photography exhibited in a coffee shop Kaffe 1668. The coffee shop Kaffe 1668 had opened in October 2008 in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan. I frequent the neighborhood quite often for the convenience of Wholefood Market and for Barnes & Nobles all in one complex but never have I noticed Kaffe 1668 which is diagonally across from Wholefoods Market.

With doors wide open and with varied sized toy herds of sheep scattered around Kaffe 1668, the coffee shop is a warm and friendly cafe plus the service.  The decor includes a communal table to pair seating wooden tables.  With Hiroko’s photos hung in the backdrop of the coffee shop and indie music in tuned Kaffe 1668 is a coffee shop for a relaxing quick bite to a big gathering with friends.

The coffee shop menu has a selection of brewed coffee, espressos to surprisingly a wide selection of teas catered to the less to non-caffeine seekers. Brilliant!   As much as I love coffee, I am cutting down on my dose of caffeine intake so I had ordered a pot of ginger mint lemon tea along with a white chocolate macadamia cookie.  While, Jesse had ordered a cappuccino with an oatmeal raisin cookie.   The baristas were both Asian which I found unusual but  digging the diversity and was very impressed by the latte art in Jesse’s cappuccino…watch out Joe’s Art of Coffee. My pot of ginger mint lemon tea was with fresh tea leaves brewed piping hot.  The taste of tea was very citrus and a bit of spiciness of the ginger and mint with a bright pink red color of the tea.  Pairing with the white chocolate macadamia cookie and oatmeal raisin cookie both homemade and I believe organic was absolutely indulging.  It is the best white chocolate macadamia cookie I have had in my life!  Very soft freshly baked with generous chunks of white chocolate and bits of macadamia nuts.

I am overjoyed by this discovery the existence of small moms + pops cafe in Manhattan (RIP Amai Teahouse ) and I am in love with Kaffe 1668!


Kaffe 1668 /// 275 Greenwich Street (Between Murray Street & Warren Street)