All I want for Christmas is Kitchen Supplies

I finally purchased one of these!  Merry Christmas to me!   It’s been on my wish list for a very very long time.  Recently I discovered a charming kitchen appliance shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Whisk Though I did not purchase this seductive red, 2 Quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven at Whisk, it reminded me that I needed one!   I stumbled into Broadway Panhandler on my way home this week and decided to pampered my inner self.   Broadway Panhandleris one of my favorite kitchenware, equipments, gadgets shop in New York City and they offer really reasonable prices.  For this Made in France, (beware of Made in China and Thailand, they may cost a little less but the quality is not as good)  Le Creuset was $118.  It’s quite an investment but irreplaceable and meant to be passed onto generations.  Now onto perfecting my paella, casseroles, cheese fondue action!

Other items I purchased at Broadway Panhandler is: Made in Vermont,  JK Adam Pig serving/ cutting board that I’ve also been sniffing out for.  🙂

Here are my top 5 places (top to bottom) to shop this holiday or any day for kitchen related items:

Fishs Eddy/// 889 Broadway at 19th Street New York City, NY 10003.  Recommend: Storage Bowl Teal Swag, Glass 16 oz.  We have 4 of these at home and it’s perfect to store leftovers or half of a lemon, tomato, or half of something sealed with a lid rather than plastic wrap.

Broadway Panhandler///  65 East 8th Street  New York, NY 10003.  Recommend: Le Creuset pots and pans & Bialetti Moka Pot

The Brooklyn Kitchen /// 100 Frost Sreet  Brooklyn, NY 11211.  Recommend: Cooking Classes

Whisk ///231 Bedford Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11211.  Recommend: Kyocera ceramic coffee grinder

Pearl River Mart/// 477 Broadway, New York, NY 10013.  Recommend:  teapots



Turn Up the Volume

I was watching the 82nd Annual Oscars this past Sunday and this Diet Coke commercial came on with “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap playing in the background.  The melody of the guitar strings intro was familiar to my ears and I recalled hearing this song in 500 Days of Summer in the scene where Summer and Tom was taking the railroad in the sunset.  No need for dialogues, just a montage of beautiful scenery and replace the muteness with a sweet sound of The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition” and I am in love.  Not necessarily with Diet Coke but with how nicely the 60 seconds commercial is put together.  Montage of high profile occupations as a fashion designer, film director to an artist, each experiencing bliss in what they do for a living and drinking Diet Coke.  The commercial ends with the message ‘Stay Extraordinary’  and it delivers the message in a glamorous sense.  The commercial itself nor is the beverage is  extraordinary but the song really enhances the product just like how every ingredients are important components to enhance a dish.

Another food- related commercial song I like is Absolut Vodka “Ceremony” by New Order

Website is marvelous too. Check it out!

Last but not least Frito Lays line of chips has won my heart again.  Sunchips “So Much More” by Mark Robbillard

The message in going-green and bringing the awareness to consumers about compost and recycle is important to our Earth done beautifully.

Micellaneous, New York City Eats

NYC Restaurant Week 2010: OVERRATED

                                                     photo: http://www.nycgo.com/restaurant week

The list of restaurants participating in the annual NYC Restaurant Week 2010 (January 25-February 7) has been revealed on Tuesday!  Majority of the restaurants participating are upscale fine dining from multi-ethnic cuisines and are offering 3 course prix-fixe lunch ($24.07) or  3 course prix-fix dinner ($35).  Much more wallet friendly compared to the regular daily menu.  

I have never participated during restaurant week and after reviewing 27 pages of restaurants listed,  I am still not  interested.  Many of these participating restaurants are owned by highly acclaimed and well respected chefs in the culinary industry.  I am a fan of many but for most I am really a fan not because of their cooking but as a branding strategist genius!   And restaurant week is essentially a part of marketing as a win-win situation for diners, restaurants and the city alike. 

So instead of dining at what’s listed for this year’s NYC restaurant week, here are my suggestions:

NYC Resturant Week Pick : Artisanal Fromagerie, Bistro & Wine Bar  |||  Julie’s Pick: Murray’s Cheese Shop

NYC Restaurant Week Pick: Del Posto Ristorante ||| Julie’s Pick: Carmine’s Italian Seaport 

NYC Restaurant Week Pick: Morimoto ||| Julie’s Pick: Tomoe Sushi

NYC Restaurant Week Pick: Rosa Mexicano At Lincoln Center ||| Julie’s Pick: Red Hook Food Vendors

NYC Restuarant Week Pick: Tabla ||| Julie’s Pick:  Tiffin Wallah

NYC Restuarant Week Pick: Safran ||| Julie’s Pick: Pho Bang

NYC Restuarant Week Pick: Craftbar ||| Julie’s Pick: The Spotted Pig

NYC Restaurant Week Pick: Lupa ||| Julie’s Pick: Basta Pasta

Whether you’re an annual ritual NYC Restaurant Week goer or not, Bon Appetit!