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Pinky up!


If you are feeling nostalgic after returning from a visit to England or if you are obsess with the culture of Great Britain but cannot afford to travel across the Atlantic, Tea & Sympathy is as close of an English experience in New York City as you can get.  The restaurant is located on the same block as the popular fish and chip joint known as Salt and Battery and if you have the urge for a Cadbury Creme Egg or while you wait for seating visit the Carry Out Tea & Sympathy shop.  “It’s like little London” — Jesse.  

Tea & Sympathy, a tiny, cute and cozy restaurant that serves a wide selection of tea in floral prints to kitschy teapots.  Entering into Tea & Sympathy is the feeling of warmth and into a friend’s cottage.  The restaurant was staffed with English accent and diners alike!  Jesse had ordered the traditional scones with butter and jam with a choice of a pot of tea which she chose rose petal and she had recommended coronation chicken curry on seven whole grain bread sandwich with a pot of black currant tea for me.  When the scones arrived which was not what I typically know scones as with a firm and crumbly like a cookie texture.  The scones served are more like the southern biscuits which though there was only two, I was not at all disappointed.  On the side there was the thick and creamy butter and strawberry jam in which you can see the strawberries.  So let’s get this clear, the English refers a scone when in America is a biscuit and a biscuit as a cookie and trainers as sneakers…English culture 101.  



 img_1372The nice thing about the tea served at Tea & Sympathy is authenticity based on the tea leaves rather than most places served with tea bags.  We each ordered a pot of tea and both came in floral prints and the strainer to separate the tea leaves from the tea as you poured.  I was pretty satisfy with my black currant compared to my Twinning black currant tea bags I have had before.  The aroma is not pungent but the taste of black currants is pretty refreshing paired with the scones.  Sugar and milk is not necessary with the black currant compared to the pot of rose petal where it is needed to your preference as it is a bit darker. 

Let’s not forget the coronation curry chicken on seven whole grain bread which I was unsure if I wanted to order sandwiches after the mountain of bread I have consumed for the past few weeks from my brother’s bread baking class. The taste of curry was unexpected as it was sweet instead of what I am regularly used to with spicy curry.  Overall it was not a heavy lunch but a good light snack for a first weekend to welcome Spring!

Tea & Sympathy /// 108 Greenwich Avenue (Between 12th & 13th Street) NY NY 10011