Ten Under a Buck

With high cost in rent, food, transportation in most cities these days, it can get depressing living in a big city like New York City where on a daily basis where most of us are watching our budget.  I am probably the worst Chinese when it comes to crunching numbers but what I did inheritContinue reading “Ten Under a Buck”

Deep Impact

Photos taken with Instagram by iLuvPotato I am writing this on 12.21.2012 and the world was suppose to end according to the Mayan calendar.  If the world did end and my last meal was at Runner and Stone grand opening party with a 6 course meal then I feel pretty content.  Although, I am gladContinue reading “Deep Impact”

The Beat Goes On

Hop Shing Chatham Square Restaurant Earlier in the year I feared Chinatown will be over shadow by modern restauranteur and wipe out all the Chinatown, New York City classics.  Very often these are family owned business and do not have heir to pass on to and very often due to the increasing high rent.  TwoContinue reading “The Beat Goes On”

Pitas, Sandwiches, and Banh Mi

Paris Baguette I discovered Menupage to be a pretty unreliable source or at least for Istanbul Grill.  The reviews on menupage was better than it actually is. It is located on 14th street between 8th and 9th avenue and it is divided as half takeout and half dine-in.  I have past by it a fewContinue reading “Pitas, Sandwiches, and Banh Mi”

Unicorn, Bao, Truck and Di Fara Pizzeria!!!!

  Photo taken by my 7 yrs old cousin Clara Wong What a productive week it has been…well, in terms of EATING OUT!  Starting with Monday, my family and I attended a relative’s wedding banquet with Fujianese traditional customs at the Golden Unicorn restaurant.  A Fujianese custom wedding or generally Chinese wedding is literally an eveningContinue reading “Unicorn, Bao, Truck and Di Fara Pizzeria!!!!”

A Steamy Weekend: All for Under $25

FEBRUARY 27th, 2009 Beford Ave, Brooklyn is quickly becoming the prime area to be on a Friday night scene.  For bowling and dinner all together for a total of under $25, I am in love with the neighborhood.   It took me three weeks, 3 emails and a total of 161 messages on facebook toContinue reading “A Steamy Weekend: All for Under $25”