Korean Wedding Banquet=Awesome Pork Belly!

I have been looking forward in attending my brother’s / family friend wedding this entire week since it will be the first time ever to experience a Korean wedding.  What I looked most forward to to be honest was the banquet and being a Korean buffet style, it was gluttony at it’s best.  The weddingContinue reading “Korean Wedding Banquet=Awesome Pork Belly!”

Unicorn, Bao, Truck and Di Fara Pizzeria!!!!

  Photo taken by my 7 yrs old cousin Clara Wong What a productive week it has been…well, in terms of EATING OUT!  Starting with Monday, my family and I attended a relative’s wedding banquet with Fujianese traditional customs at the Golden Unicorn restaurant.  A Fujianese custom wedding or generally Chinese wedding is literally an eveningContinue reading “Unicorn, Bao, Truck and Di Fara Pizzeria!!!!”