2015 Year in Food Review

“I’ll have the usual.”  Maybe its a sign that I am getting old or as my friend tells me, I know what I want. 2015 marks my final year in my twenties. I’ve noticed my eating habit very often included the restaurants I have already been to and I would order my usual.  There’s theContinue reading “2015 Year in Food Review”

2014 Year in Review

photos taken with instagram @iluvpotato “Nothing is achieved without effort.” 2014 has been a milestone. It was not easy, starting the year and on my birthday being unemployed. But it was an opportunity to take the time to rejuvenate, rethink, and rediscover the city I grew up in and reviewing my personal goals. A transitionContinue reading “2014 Year in Review”

summer has only begun…

Summer of 2011 has been eventful so far and I admittedly love it!   It’s always been one of my most dreaded season of the year because I do not do well with heat, humidity and  did I mention summer in New York City rancid smell is unbearable.  This may sound depressing to some peopleContinue reading “summer has only begun…”

Just like Grandma’s, Grandmas

For those born in 1986, it’s the year  where we groan we’re a quarter of a century old.  Recently, I went to a movie screening with a demographic survey and I was already out of the age group range from 17 to 24 instead with the age group 25-49, seriously?!  To help us get throughContinue reading “Just like Grandma’s, Grandmas”

A Ferry, A Bus, a subway ride for a cup of coffee

The latest best adaption from the West Coast is not just any cup of coffee but Blue Bottle coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Blue Bottle Coffee Bar & Roaster opened a New York City location in Spring 2010.  Originated from San Francisco and established their business from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s market.  I had revolved ourContinue reading “A Ferry, A Bus, a subway ride for a cup of coffee”

Le Grand Fooding & Weekly Eats at the New Amsterdam Market: Home/Made, Early Bird Cookery & Do Re Me Farm

April Bloomfield The Spotted Pig, Le Grand Fooding STUFFED.  On Friday Sept 24, my sister and I went to the 2nd annual Le Grand Fooding at PS.1 MoMA.  This year with a thematic theme: throw down San Francisco vs. New York City chefs / West coast vs. East coast.  With chefs including from New YorkContinue reading “Le Grand Fooding & Weekly Eats at the New Amsterdam Market: Home/Made, Early Bird Cookery & Do Re Me Farm”

Summer Entertaining the Asian Way

How Summer should be… Asian cuisine is such a broad topic as Asia is one of the largest seven continents.  It is a popular choice of cuisine and widely eaten by Americans.  Just count how many fast food Chinese restaurants there are in the country or how many Spice Thai there are in Manhattan alone. Continue reading “Summer Entertaining the Asian Way”

XV Slideluck Potshow

Fiddlehead Fern Salad I encountered the most unusual vegetable over the weekend and coincidentally at it’s seasonal peak, Fiddlehead Ferns. The shape is exotic.  It curls into a coil or what looked like at its first glance a green snail.  I had my first Fiddlehead Fern served with freshly earthy mixed leafy greens salad atContinue reading “XV Slideluck Potshow”

“Mother” f*@%ing Good

Bong Joon-Ho “Mother” Two weeks ago I went to see Bong Joon-Ho’s 2009 film “Mother” at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) follow by a Q & A with the director.  In the same week Kim Yu-Na won gold medal for women’s figure skating and on the following week art week in New York City introducedContinue reading ““Mother” f*@%ing Good”