All I want for Christmas is Kitchen Supplies

I finally purchased one of these!  Merry Christmas to me!   It’s been on my wish list for a very very long time.  Recently I discovered a charming kitchen appliance shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Whisk Though I did not purchase this seductive red, 2 Quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven at Whisk, it reminded me that I needed one!   I stumbled into Broadway Panhandler on my way home this week and decided to pampered my inner self.   Broadway Panhandleris one of my favorite kitchenware, equipments, gadgets shop in New York City and they offer really reasonable prices.  For this Made in France, (beware of Made in China and Thailand, they may cost a little less but the quality is not as good)  Le Creuset was $118.  It’s quite an investment but irreplaceable and meant to be passed onto generations.  Now onto perfecting my paella, casseroles, cheese fondue action!

Other items I purchased at Broadway Panhandler is: Made in Vermont,  JK Adam Pig serving/ cutting board that I’ve also been sniffing out for.  🙂

Here are my top 5 places (top to bottom) to shop this holiday or any day for kitchen related items:

Fishs Eddy/// 889 Broadway at 19th Street New York City, NY 10003.  Recommend: Storage Bowl Teal Swag, Glass 16 oz.  We have 4 of these at home and it’s perfect to store leftovers or half of a lemon, tomato, or half of something sealed with a lid rather than plastic wrap.

Broadway Panhandler///  65 East 8th Street  New York, NY 10003.  Recommend: Le Creuset pots and pans & Bialetti Moka Pot

The Brooklyn Kitchen /// 100 Frost Sreet  Brooklyn, NY 11211.  Recommend: Cooking Classes

Whisk ///231 Bedford Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11211.  Recommend: Kyocera ceramic coffee grinder

Pearl River Mart/// 477 Broadway, New York, NY 10013.  Recommend:  teapots



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