Impulsive Artichoke

I was in the neighborhood a little before noon and jay walked across 14th street between 1st and 2nd ave when I spotted Artichoke! -NO LINE!

Artichoke is a tiny pizzeria with a limited menu selection.  With only four options: maguerita, sicilian, crab and artichoke & spinach.  Being the pizzeria is named Artichoke and very rare do I find a slice of spinach & artichoke ($4.50) I thought it would be most appropriate to order a slice of just that.  The slice of artichoke & spinach required more than one paper plate to hold the slice as the portion is rather generous and larger than a typical slice of cheese pizza in New York City.  It is a heavy duty slice and well worth the price.

I got my piping hot slice of artichoke & spinach pizza and took my first bite while sitting on the nice L shaped wooden benches outside of the pizzeria, it was instant gratification!  The slice of artichoke & spinach was unusual but also had a familiar taste.  The taste of cream with broccoli soup -well in this case artichoke & spinach soup with melted stringy cheese over on a nice loaf of buttery garlicky bread.  The thickness of the crust is moderately in between a deep dish and a thin slice.  What is unusual is instead of the classic tomato pizza sauce is a creamy white sauce.  Few minutes later the bench was packed with fellow Artichokes savoring every bite and every moment and very likely with a stranger.

Artichoke offers their signature artichoke & spinach slice throughout the year but I think it’s most perfect for the upcoming Fall season .  It is very hearty but beware, food coma alert!  As I am still recovering from one as I am writing while my eyes are drooping.

Sorry no photo.  You have to taste it to believe it!  Go!


Artichoke ///328 E. 14th St. East Village, NYC 10003

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