“Do you speak Food?”

January of 2010 thus far has been devastating with 10 days now since the earthquake in Haiti and tonight being the last airing of Tonight Show with Conan’O Brien.  On a personal level, January thus far has been an uneventful start to the year.  Thankfully, Lunar New Year (February 14th, 2010) will allow us all for a second chance, so double check your resolutions and start implementing them.

Three years ago when I started making a list of things to do for the year, among the things to do on the list for every year was to spend time with my dad to understand him better.  My dad is a retired chef/ owner of  a fast food Chinese restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey since 2004. He has been working 7 days for 12-15 hours per day for the last 15 years and obviously with the time spent at work to support the family, he missed  my siblings and I growing up.  Between my dad and I, I am Chinese / Fujianese born in New York City who listens to UK pop/rock music and worships filmmakers, visual artists and spend over 8 hours on the internet (work + spare time) we obviously have cultural differences and language barrier.  I take pride that I can speak Chinese (cantonese + fujianese) and I am able to communicate through the dialects with my dad but somehow very frequently there is still misunderstanding.

When I became interested in culinary cooking shortly after my dad retired and sold his restaurant, we began to connect through our love for food.  Two weeks ago we watched Iron Chef America the White House challenge on Food Network and last week, I made pizza after my dad subliminally made the request since returning from his trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was my second attempt in making a traditional pizza and with a slight help from my dad in kneading the pizza crust, a $10 fresh mozzarella cheese from Whole food, and a bottle of pasta sauce (cheated a bit), with shaved pecorino and parmasean-reggiano, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and to top it off with fresh cut basil, it was a Di Fara Pizzeria inspired and it was successfully delicious!  My dad was all smiles leading to my mom’s comment, she said “You’re dad is a very simple person to please, all you have to do is cook something.”

That’s easy!


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